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Kinky Gay Porn for an Extra Bit of Spice

And here lies Marc Dylan, who may have assumed that position completely voluntarily but now that he is thoroughly bound in crimson which so aptly represents the sin that awaits him, how much of a say might he exactly have in what’s to follow but moreover; how much of a say does he really want to have…

I’m quite a fan of rope-work myself and even though there isn’t all that much in this pic, it’s still a turn-on for me and I have to say that I really like the colour. I usually use black but I’m sitting here thinking that I’d like to have a look into doing a 2-tone design contrasting the black with this crimson red.

However, more about Kink Men and their BDSM gay porn sites:

There is of course a massively wide range of kink types and fetishes and these guys cover a lot of it, representing gay men in their endeavours and with spectacular results.

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Gay Porn with a Pedigree

I knew BelAmi Online was one of the better gay porn sites on the net, which is a big statement in its own since there are many fantastic sites to compete with. What I didn’t realise is that the site recently celebrated their 25th anniversary and that is one hell of an achievement.

If you consider just how much competition there is out there and how simple it is to start a porn site the hats need to be tipped.

I certainly didn’t suggest it’s easy to make a great site, quite the contrary but to just launch a B-grade quality site is as simple, without drilling into the details why. Let’s just say that it reminds me of transport in the sense that just about anyone with a pick-up, or ute as the Aussies call them, can think himself a transport company.

To be a top tier enterprise and maintain that status for a quarter of a century is an entirely different story.

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They Say Gay Men Have Impeccable Taste

But this is one of the cheesiest pics I have seen in any genre and any sexual orientation and there are loads of shit on the net to choose from.

Perhaps they let Jean-Pierre the screaming queen cat breeder snap a couple as a favour to someone, or something but this is far from the standard at

Their quality of photography, sets and models are of the highest calibre. If this wasn’t the case they would not have been anywhere near as successful as they are.

As a gay man you may very well have heard of them before, I’d be surprised if you haven’t quite frankly (in which case you’re in for a huge treat anyways), but did you know that they have an a collection of 15,000+ scenes? It showcases the work of 7,000+ models.

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Muscular Porn Stars & Heavy Gay Hardcore

You ever play those psychology word games where you pick an animal and at the end they tell you about your personality? Well, I did that once and I picked a horse which caused my friends to erupt in laughter because it indicated something about the kind of men I like to have sex with. It’s kind of funny too, that I should coming across this hot gay porn, because it seems right up my alley. The men are muscular and hung like horses, and my mouth is salivating right now at the thought. Here’s where you can save $15 on with this discount link.

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Hardcore Anal Sex with gay men

This amazing place is packed with super hot Man Porn action. These gays surely know how to have a good time and that’s so easy to see. Check out plenty of videos and high quality pictures that will give you an instant boner. It’s impossible to resist this well endowed porn hunks, if you’re looking for twinks or you’re more into bearded bears we surely have something for you, browse our fantastic place and pick your favorite type of Gay Porn. When it comes to this freaky niche our anal gay hotspot is here to bring you many XXX goods.

How to Make Your MILF Date Cum At Least Three Times

A lot of guys think that the question of this blog post is unnecessary. If you’re the typical guy, you probably think that it doesn’t really matter whether or not your date cums. What matters is that you cum.


Well, I’m sorry to break this to you, but if that’s how you think, chances are you’re not going to get laid that often. Seriously. It’s like going to McDonalds and getting a lousy burger. Once you get lousy service and lousy food, do you think you’ll come back? Probably not.


Well, think about it. Sex is just like going to a restaurant. You can only have so many lousy meals before you try to eat somewhere else. The same goes for milf dating and If you want to make your MILF date happy and if you want her to keep coming back to you again and again, you need to work on making her orgasm at least three times every time you’re with her. Here are just some tips on how to do that.


Get the Mood Right


The secret to awesome sex is to understand that it’s not physical. Of course, you still have to be hard. Of course, you still have to have a high level of stamina and energy. But it goes beyond that.


You have to understand that sex is 99% emotion and 1% physical. You have to remember this ratio. This way, you can get the emotional energy you need to get drunk in her magic. Every woman has mystery. Every woman is a special world that you can explore. You can get the mood going by going down on her.


I know this is unacceptable to many guys. A lot of guys don’t like eating pussy. But I’m telling you, if you want to get the mood right and if you want to establish a high level of emotional urgency, you need to stick your tongue down there and you need to do it with gusto.


I’m not talking about just sticking your tongue in there like you’re kissing somebody’s dirty baby or you’re kissing somebody’s butt. I’m talking about just lapping it up like it has these last drops of chocolate syrup. Also, you have to use your fingers.


Use the Yoni Massage on Her


Thanks to the ancient Indians and Hindus, there is such a thing called the Yoni massage. This technique is thousands of years old and has made billions of women cum throughout the millennia. That’s how awesome it is.


You might want to Google it because it could really blow the back of the brain of your sex partner. It’s that intense. However, it will only work if you pay attention to the proper foreplay.


So don’t think that you can skip out on eating out your partner. You’ve got to eat her out and you’ve got to make her feel appreciated and respected, and then use the Yoni massage on her. I’m telling you. This one-two punch is going to knock her out, sexually speaking.

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