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Does it feel like life is really fucking you in the ass lately? Do you wish you could do something about it? It can feel hopeless when you’re stuck in the same rut day in/day out and nothing seems to change. Well, porn can really make a big difference, especially when it’s the good shit. I have had porn memberships give me a whole new outlook on life! Well, my masturbation life that is. (Which is most of my free-time if I’m being honest.) always goes out of its way to make sure their customers are satisfied and their wants/desires are being heard. No one wants to sign up for a porn deal and cum out feeling used and limp, right? (Well, unless there’s a porn site specifically for feeling used and limp? It wouldn’t surprise me.)

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I love hanging out with my best bros. They will come over and watch the game, shoot some pool, talk about our elk hunting trips to Utah, record podcasts, talk Ketogenic diet, compare our newest fanny packs, smoke Mike Tyson’s weed, drink turmeric coffee, do some DMT, look up new health supplements online, and practice our jiu-jitsu techniques. It’s always a great time. But the best times are when we get drunk, watch porn, and fuck each other in the ass. What kind of porn do we watch? Anything on Next Door Buddies, that’s for sure.

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Seeing this hot and horny man getting his sweet spot stuffed with two throbbing cocks has made my day. There’s just something about a man who isn’t afraid to let his butt slut flag fly. And allowing your tight ass to be taken by raging stallions who want nothing more than to fill that hole with creamy cum is exactly what that does! 

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While I always try my best not to swear I also feel the need to just let it all out. For the last few weeks, I feel like I have been pussyfooting around when it comes to watching men online. I feel like I really need to bust a nut and find myself and my cock for that matter a few decent real gay cams.

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I’m not an overly complicated guy. In fact, I pride myself in trying to keep things simple. I try to follow the philosophy that if it isn’t broke, then don’t fix it. When I found out I could get our $20 off discount to Hothouse with this link, I knew right away I was going to sign up. This is classic hardman porn that satisfies. They keep it simple by providing viewers with sexy, well-hung men that have insatiable sex drives and deliver all the action in top-notch quality. 

This is a production company that started up in 1996 and has been going strong ever since. They’re one of the top companies in the industry for finding studly men and hard guys and unrelenting attention to quality and detail. They know exactly what their members want and they never fail to deliver. The archives here consist of more than 780+ hardcore scenes that cover a wide variety of action. Finding the right guy for you won’t be a problem either when you have a fleet of more than 480+ to choose from.

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If you’re a fan of gay porn, then you’re probably already familiar with Cocky Boys. This is an award-winning site that took home the 2015 Gay Site Of The Year award and has continued to blow the competition out of the water. Right now you can get up to 58% off Cocky Boys discount link and see what everyone’s raving about. 

This is where you’ll find guys in their twenties that are lithe, fit, well-hung, and absolutely gorgeous. They may be amateurs but their sex drives are through the roof and they have plenty of experience on their side. When it comes to variety you’ll find hairy guys, romances, facials, and cum play, as well as behind the scenes, movies, double penetration, tattoos, smooth, and slim. There’s a great mix of men as well as action. There are currently more than 930+ movies to choose from and even some full-length features that run around 155 minutes. You’re sure to find everything you could ever hope for in a gay porn site and much more right here.