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Month: May, 2010

Gay threesome in the couch

They are muscular, manly and hot. They are something else also, HORNY. Three young gay men staring each others face in the sofa because there was nothing better to do. Until some genius figured out something. Why don’t we strip off our clothes and enjoy a nice threesome, right here, in this sofa? Sometimes sucking a cock is a good thing, now sucking two is even better. In this gallery you’ll see a nasty gay threesome. And three meaty cocks ready to fuck. In a nasty threesome. Deep anal gay fucking can happen anywhere, anytime.

Gay boys taking it deep in the ass

Playing videogames sometimes is fun, sometimes… But when you’re horny playing video games is not the best options. After smashing each others face in the virtual world, they wanted to do something in real life. Luckily the place is private and no one else was there. After talking about football and games, they figured out that sometimes you can easily have lots of fun. After stripping each others clothes and sucking a meaty cock, those two college studs wanted some deep anal sex, Feeling a meaty cock deep inside your ass sometimes is better than video games.