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Month: March, 2015

How to Make Your MILF Date Cum At Least Three Times

A lot of guys think that the question of this blog post is unnecessary. If you’re the typical guy, you probably think that it doesn’t really matter whether or not your date cums. What matters is that you cum.


Well, I’m sorry to break this to you, but if that’s how you think, chances are you’re not going to get laid that often. Seriously. It’s like going to McDonalds and getting a lousy burger. Once you get lousy service and lousy food, do you think you’ll come back? Probably not.


Well, think about it. Sex is just like going to a restaurant. You can only have so many lousy meals before you try to eat somewhere else. The same goes for milf dating and If you want to make your MILF date happy and if you want her to keep coming back to you again and again, you need to work on making her orgasm at least three times every time you’re with her. Here are just some tips on how to do that.


Get the Mood Right


The secret to awesome sex is to understand that it’s not physical. Of course, you still have to be hard. Of course, you still have to have a high level of stamina and energy. But it goes beyond that.


You have to understand that sex is 99% emotion and 1% physical. You have to remember this ratio. This way, you can get the emotional energy you need to get drunk in her magic. Every woman has mystery. Every woman is a special world that you can explore. You can get the mood going by going down on her.


I know this is unacceptable to many guys. A lot of guys don’t like eating pussy. But I’m telling you, if you want to get the mood right and if you want to establish a high level of emotional urgency, you need to stick your tongue down there and you need to do it with gusto.


I’m not talking about just sticking your tongue in there like you’re kissing somebody’s dirty baby or you’re kissing somebody’s butt. I’m talking about just lapping it up like it has these last drops of chocolate syrup. Also, you have to use your fingers.


Use the Yoni Massage on Her


Thanks to the ancient Indians and Hindus, there is such a thing called the Yoni massage. This technique is thousands of years old and has made billions of women cum throughout the millennia. That’s how awesome it is.


You might want to Google it because it could really blow the back of the brain of your sex partner. It’s that intense. However, it will only work if you pay attention to the proper foreplay.


So don’t think that you can skip out on eating out your partner. You’ve got to eat her out and you’ve got to make her feel appreciated and respected, and then use the Yoni massage on her. I’m telling you. This one-two punch is going to knock her out, sexually speaking.